CITEL’s expertise

Citel is the leading manufacturer that exclusively produces both SPDs and SPD components.

It constantly pioneers new technologies thanks to a bold innovation strategy, high-level R&D and in-house regional test labs around the world.

Citel is recognized as an industry leader that is instrumental in the development of international codes and standards.


In order to test its products internally for standards compliance and to evolve toward greater reliability CITEL has several centers of expertise and research(France, USA, China) equipped with :

  • Various transient surge current and surge voltage generators such as 8/20, 10/350,10/1000, 1.2/50...
  • AC and DC Power Sources for short circuit and load current tests with possible superimposed and synchronized pulses for AC sources.
  • Various equipment’s for environmental tests (impact, vibration, climate, damp, fire…)

Tests capacities are dedicated to electrical equipement generally and specifically to surge protection. We are using the following standards :

  • IEC/ EN 61643-XXY
    -11, -21, -31 and -41*
    -311 and -331
  • IEC/EN 610004-5
  • NFC 17-100 and -102
  • NF EN 50164-6 and IEC 62561-6 (as well as all the tests in surge currents pulses of these series of standards)
  • UL1449, UL497B, UL497E
  • ITU K12
  • IEEE C62.31, C62.33, C62.35, C62.45
  • ANSI C136.2
  • etc...

Test facilities and benches are made to be polyvalent and CITEL teams of experts can also realize custom-made tests (out of standards).

Shanghai laboratory approved for IEC testing

Shanghai Laboratory has received a CERTIFICATE OF APPROVAL for Customer’s Testing Facility, for the testing of electrotechnical equipment and components under the IECEE System.

It has been approved by Dekra at Stage 2.

Shanghai Laboratory has also received a certificate of appointment to carry out testing under supervision of TUV Rheinland.