Combined Surge Protector Citel DS60VGPV-1000

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DS60VGPV is a heavy duty DC Surge Protection Device (SPD) for high risk, low tolerance DC power applications up to 1200Vdc. The DS60VGPV provides protection against the direct and indirect effects of lightning and has a unique no leakage current design. CITELs patented hybrid Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV)/Gas-filled Spark Gap (GSG) protection circuit will dramatically increase the life expectancy of the surge protector and leave no footprint within the DC power system. The DS60VGPV is a multi-pole monoblock base protecting both positive and negative to ground. It is installed in parallel with the power system and is mounted on a din rail for convenient application directly inside an Inverter or DC combiner box. The DS60VGPV incorporates replaceable protection modules with specific DC thermal fuses that allow for high surge current handling (12.5kA 10/350us), reliable disconnection and produce no follow on current.

  • UL Type 1 CA DC SPD for PV Systems
  • VG Technology for Maximum Performance
  • Zero Leakage Current
  • Zero Current Working
  • Imax : 40kA/pole at 8/20µs
  • In : IEC 20kA/pole, UL 10kA/pole at 8/20µs
  • UL 1449 4th Edition Recognized
Voltage Protection Level
V (+)-(-) 4000 V
Voltage Protection Level
V (+)-G 3000 V
Voltage Protection Level
V (-)-G 3000 V
Rated voltage 1000V
Maximum operating voltage 1200V