Surge Protector Citel DS220S-24DC

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DC surge arresters of the DS220S type 2 series are intended for the protection of direct current voltages and for photovoltaic devices. The surge arrester contains varistors with a thermal fuse. It is manufactured for nominal DC voltages of 12, 24 VDC.

Surge arresters include a thermal disconnector, optical fault indication and remote signaling of arrester status. Surge arresters are mounted on a DIN rail and have a modular structure - a basic part and exchangeable modules. The replaceable module enables easy and quick replacement of a damaged part.

  • Compact 2-pole type 2 surge arrester
  • Leakage current per pole up to: In=10kA; Imax=20 kA
  • Safety disconnect device
  • Protection against transverse and longitudinal overvoltage
  • The smallest type 2 arrester on the market
  • Only 18 mm wide (saves space in the cabinet)
  • Modular structure (base part and exchangeable module)
  • Remote status signaling as standard
  • Meets IEC 61643-1 and EN 61643-11 standards
Rated voltage 24Vdc
Maximum operating voltage 38Vdc