Surge Protector Citel DS50VGPVS-600G/51

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The DS50VGPVS-G / 51 series is available for PV systems with voltages of 600V, 1000V and 1500Vdc. They comply with the French UTE Directive C61-740-51 and the European standard EN50539-11 and can be used in accordance with the new French UTE Directive C15-712-1 and the European standard EN50539-12. DS50VGPVS-G / 51 is a type 2 surge protector and is designed for DIN rail mounting. The plug-in protection module ensures quick replacement in the event of a fault.

The protection circuit with VG technology consists of a Y circuit with spark gaps filled with gas and powerful varistors. Because there are no operating and leakage currents, passive aging is prevented. The DS50VGPVS comes standard with remote signaling.

  • Type 2 surge protector for photovoltaic
  • VG technology
  • 1500 Vdc
  • No leakAge, no operating currents
  • Improved life expectancy
  • In/Imax : 15 / 40 kA
  • Common/Differential mode protection
  • Remote signaling (option)
  • UTE C61-740-51, EN 50539-11 compliance
Rated voltage 600V
Maximum operating voltage 720V